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So You're an Inventor?

You have had the “light-bulb” moment. An amazing idea has formed in your mind and you just know that it’s a winner. So what should you do next?

Steps to turn your idea into a product

Write it down

Keep a journal with everything you can think of in relation to how it is going to work, what it will do, who would use it and how you would market it.

Research it

See if it has been done before. Just because you thought of it doesn’t mean that no one else has. Look into your potential customers. You may have a great idea but if it is too complicated to use or too expensive for your customers to purchase then there is no benefit to developing it. We do this for you FREE.

Make a prototype

A prototype is a working model of your idea. It is where you take all your notes, plans and drawings and make a mock-up of the product – no matter how crude. It’s at this stage that you can find flaws or room for improvement in the design to make it more useable. We do this for you

File a patent

A patent is a legally enforceable right that you have to exclusively market and sell your idea or product. A Concept is the only thing that can be patented – not an improvement to the way some works but a whole new and novel way of doing it all together. It is important to get the patent process right as any loopholes found by your competitors may mean that they can steal your idea.

Manufacture your product

Consult with our team

Commit to the solution

Complete your vision

Come to us for your production needs

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