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Project Management

Determined. Skilled. Thorough. At the core of your successful venture you will find one of our committed Project Managers with solid expertise and specialized attributes.

Our Role

Responsible for pulling together every aspect of your project, your personal Project Manager will make sure that every person involved in making your product is aware of and contributes to the final goal on time and within budget.


We will take your product or ideas, create objectives and drive them though each stage from R&D to final product sticking to a project schedule with progressive timelines. We provide you with a project manager that oversees all stages of your project and you have the final say on everything. Every detail of the design, prototype and manufacturing process performed by our team, is taken care of by one person who reports back to you. This means that you don’t have to worry about all the details as our experience is put to work for you.

Your Role

You make all the decisions and are responsible for communicating your requirements to your Project Manager.

Having the Project Manager to focus on the tiny details will free up your time to devote to other aspects of your business activities.

You are responsible for:

- The overall concept
- The marketing
- Logistical sales support
- Financial aspects

Why do you need us?

We understand that your time is valuable and that’s why your project manager is your one point of contact for any enquiry or discussion so that they always have all the information you require and there is none of that annoying “Let me transfer you to a different department” stuff.

If you are looking for a stress free manufacturing experience then one of our Project Managers is your answer as we will consider similar or existing products and design criteria with the view of preventing a conflict of interest or infringement. We will provide options and opinions on how to proceed and how best to position your product requirement. The management process will lessen the risk and ultimately save costs in pursuing a wrong approach.

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