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So You're a Contractor?

A Contractor is a person or entity who has particular skills or services to offer in the electronic industry. We welcome any value-added service to further complement the services we currently provide.

Our Requirements


You will need to agree to, and sign a Non-Disclosure-Agreement (NDA) as complete confidentiality is paramount to being accepted. As a contractor, you will have access to Confidential and Proprietary information belonging to us, our client or our associates that is commercially valuable. Any unauthorized use or disclosure of this information to a third party is not permitted 


Some of the typical On-site rules include:

Report to a company representative on arrival at the premises and sign in.

If fire alarm is sounded, report to the nearest exit IMMEDIATELY. Do not attempt to gather any tools or vehicles when alarm is sounded. Evacuate the premises immediately.

Strictly NO SMOKING on the premises or in the car park.

Any electrical tools brought onto the site to be used, must be in good condition and have compliant Test N Tags affixed.

Observe and comply with all Danger and Warning signs around the site.

Clean area after completion of job to the same condition it was in at commencement of job.

All contractor must have personal/company Public Liability, WorkSafe or WorkCover Insurance

Must provide a Tax Invoice for work done prior to payment.

Permission and Consent will have to be obtained prior to any extra work outside that stipulated in the Work Order is undertaken.

Work safely and in harmony with all other On-site personal.

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