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Product Development

You have the products – we have practical skills to take them into the next generation.


Electronic product is constantly evolving, often requiring more and more features to be added. Take advantage of our experience and problem-solving skills to revitalise and improve your product and stay competitive. Our team will evaluate your product with the view of incorporating more efficient features. Often existing product can be upgraded to a higher performance level or to incorporate more complementary features. Other times some components used on existing products may become obsolete in the constantly changing world of electronics. We will help you modify your product into a superior, advanced, improved and more suitable format for the product application. Once a concept or improvement feature has been formulated, we will build a proof-of-concept prototype(s). These prototypes may not resemble the final product and more often than not, have to undergo a number of revisions in order to ensure they are robust enough for production.

There are times when we embark on a certain design direction only to prove that the concept is not viable, either from a manufacturing viewpoint or from a market acceptance aspect. In both cases it proves to be a cost effective approach in the development stage to test everything rather than going straight to production-prototypes.

All documentation relating to the development of the product belongs to you.


We are interested in your ideas and your plans for your product. When you involve us; we listen, we get passionate and we deliver. Every conversation we have is confidential so you can openly discuss your product and know that no one will find out about it.

Many people have really great ideas but have no clue if it is actually possible to manufacture. When you bring your idea to us you will find out the answers to your questions and formulate a strategy of how best to proceed. Our goal is that you succeed.

We are passionate about electronics in the future and we get excited about turning your ideas into working products. You should not have to pay to find out if your idea can become a working product or how to turn it into a reality.

Our free service to you

First Step: First Time Consultation

No financial outlay and no obligation. We catch up with you, sign a NDA and then find out as much as possible about your ideas, your product and your objectives

Second Step: Analysis & Research

Put our expertise to work for you. We perform a cursory investigation into your idea to assess viability, legal requirements and any possible limitations.

Third Step: Communications

Find out what we found out. We let you know everything we found out, answer your questions and plot the next steps with you

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