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So You're a Customer?

Our Mission is Your Success

We believe that for you to be successful we need to know everything possible about your product (what you need) and your plans for it (what you want). We listen to you and ask your opinion. We appreciate you and see you as important so we never assume that just because you used our services once that you will use them again. We encourage you to always assess, evaluate the quality of our work and our services. We are confident in our abilities and our workmanship and when you allow us to manufacture your products you will always find us to be attentive, respectful, passionate and sincere. We are not here to "sell you things", rather we want to provide you with information and any help you need to successfully design or manufacture your product.

Steps to a Successful Project

Make contact

It easy, we can’t help you if we don’t know you need assistance.

Sign an NDA

This will protect your Intellectual Property

Set up a trading account

We offer tailor-made terms of trade

Provide Information

Supply full product specifications and requirements

Approve quotation

Scope of work and projected delivery times

Provide Purchase Order

So we can proceed

Wait for progress updates and delivery of product

Your now another satisfied customer

Oh Yes - don’t forget to pay your bill

We are ready for your next job

I am an

I am a

I am an

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